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Mon Jul 30, 2007
Cybersettle signs 3-year contract with the City of New York
"NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – July 30, 2007 – Cybersettle, the world leader in accelerated dispute resolution announced today that New York City will extend and expand the use of Cybersettle to resolve a larger number, and greater variety of claims that are filed against the City. The city has signed a three year contract with Cybersettle with an option to extend for two more years. Cybersettle will also be creating a major incident claims system for the New York City Office of the Comptroller where consumers can get immediate information on how to file a claim, download forms and receive general assistance in the aftermath of a major incident like a water main break.Cybersettle has been helping New York save money and manage claims in a pilot program since 2004. The expanded use of Cybersettle is designed to help streamline the city’s claims system, get people paid faster and to save millions at the same time. “During our pilot program,” said Charles Brofman, President and CEO of Cybersettle. “Our innovative technology was incredibly successful at resolving claims against New York quickly and efficiently, and we’re excited to see our program with New York grow and expand.” {...}The program has also been getting positive attention outside the Comptroller’s office. It was cited in the June 2006 issue of Independent Budgeting Office (IBO) of New York City’s Inside the Budget, as a smart cost-saver. And, the winning pilot results Cybersettle produced for New York City were also cited in BusinessWeek, which called the Comptroller’s Office a “Streamlining Pacesetter” for it’s use of Cybersettle.

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