viernes, junio 06, 2008

Juripax desde Holanda Lanza Sito Web Gratuito Para Resolucion Electronica de Disputas!

Juripax launches the world's first free portal for resolving conflicts online

Amsterdam, June 5: The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) provider Juripax ( has launched version 3.2 of its free cross-language portal for resolving complaints and conflicts.

The Juripax system provides a fast and cost-effective online alternative to traditional dispute-resolution proceedings and litigation for international users. If parties to the dispute are operating at a distance and/or if getting together is in any way not desired, difficult or costly, parties can discuss and resolve issues online through the Juripax portal.

Provided entirely on demand, Juripax' system is the world's first portal enabling service providers to create and deliver any kind of service flexibly, instantly and either free of charge or on a pay-as-you-need basis. Juripax' online system is built exclusively on the concept of adding advanced Web 2.0 technology to Juripax' long experience in traditional claim handling and mediation worldwide.

With the Internet becoming increasingly important, there are numerous disputes that are suited to effective Internet-based dispute-resolution processes, particularly those that involve routine casuistry. Juripax' ODR system allows providers to optimize their service provision and users will benefit as it provides an easier, faster and cheaper resolution process. Moreover, online processes have proven to be as effective as, if not more effective than traditional proceedings.

"We believe that modern technology and innovation is the key to enhance efficiency in judicial and dispute-resolution processes and create economic value for the public's benefit. Providing free versions of our technology to users worldwide, is one way to show our commitment towards promoting the development of a cheaper and less costly resolution process as a public resource", says Juripax' CEO Gert-Jan Kollenhof.

For more information please visit us at or contact May-Britt Bruning at

With services offered in the major world languages, Juripax provides innovative and cost-effective ODR systems and solutions designed to streamline resolution and improve claim-handling and dispute-resolution practices. Among the key projects being implemented are those that provide online facilitation of traditional complaints and conflicts, such as workplace and family disputes.

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